EU-Project "Multilingualism in Pre- and Elementary School"


European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture
Regional and minority languages in the European Union
Promotion and safeguarding regional and minority languages and cultures in the European Union
European Bureau for lesser used languages (EBLUL)
Eurolang (information service about regional and minority languages)
Mercator (European Network for Regional and Minority Languages and Education)



Northfrisians (D):
Nordfriesisches Institut
Nordfriesischer Verein
Friesisches Seminar, Flensburg University



Eastfrisians (D):
Ostfriesische Landschaft
Institut für Niederdeutsche Sprache
Web-Guide for Low German
Zentrum für Niederdeutsch in Ratzeburg
Plattdeutsches Zentrum in Leck
Niedersächsischer Heimatbund



Saterfrisians (D):
Municipality Saterland



Sorbians (D):
Domowina, Bund Lausitzer Sorben e.V.
Informations about sorbian language, history and culture
Arbeitsstelle Bildungsentwicklung Cottbus (A, B, C)
Sorbisches Institut
Subject area school for Low Sorbian language and culture
Institut für Sorabistik



Westfrisians (NL):
Chr. Hogeschool Noord Nederland
Fryske Akademy



Slovenians (A):
Slowenischer Schulverein / Mladinski dom
Ethnic groups (with further links)
Provincial government of Carinthia
Klagenfurt University



Slovenians (I):
no entry



Friulians (I):


various informations about Friulian (with further links)



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