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Development of Curricula, Frameworks and Teaching Methods for Kindergarten and
..Elementary Schools

Having summed up the results of a preparatory project and gained knowledge from visits and seminars, we are now at a stage where we can assess and test the practicality of methods suitable to mastering a minority language in a multilingual environment.

Regional Activities:
Becoming familiar with the regional or minority language and the associated culture, considering other
present foreign languages and cultures (multicultural aspect of kindergarten and elementary school
/Friulans) more >>>
Testing methods of language teaching that combine language with music, dance, theatre, art, video
technique, language games etc. (Friulans,Slovenians in Italy) more >>>
Proficiency in mastering a language in bilingual kindergarten and schools by a) working on the question:
"equalization or differentiation in groups of children with heterogeneous linguistic conditions?", b)
elaborating contexts to support the learning of a language (Slovenians in Italy) more >>>
Development of educational programs or curriculum frameworks whose contents and educational objectives
are based on eachother (Slovenians in Italy, Saterfrisians) more >>>
Testing methods for bilingual kindergarten (Slovenians in Austria) more >>>
Testing methods for bilingual lessons in elementary schools (Eastfrisians) more >>>