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Development of Curricula, Frameworks and Methods for the Education and Advanced
...Training of Educators and Teachers

This issue is about preparing students for the multilingual work in kindergarten and elementary school during their education, including the regional and minority language. Currently practicing educators and teachers must get advanced training.

Regional Activities:
Development of a design for a module about multilingualism that can be used universally in the training of
educators and teachers (Westfrisians) more >>>
Inventory of existing instructional and methodical material in the regions concerned (Westfrisians)
more >>>
Development of a curriculum for the training of educators and development of content modules for this
curriculum (Eastfrisians) more >>>
Development of a regional organizational and advanced training concept for multilingual kindergarten
(Slovenians in Austria) more >>>
Development of concepts for the advanced training of volunteers in kindergarten and elementary schools
(Saterfrisians) more >>>