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Development of Resources and Strategies for Parent Work and Public Relations

Attending bilingual kindergarten and schools or participating in classes with regional or minority languages is not obligatory, with the exception of Westfriesland. Therefore parents must be encouraged to send their children to an institution that offers an early education of those languages. The existing common arguments - published by the European Bureau of Minority Languages - usually are too extensive. Accordingly they cannot consider specific problems of the diverse language groups. Another question is: How can information and promotion meetings be created more appealing and effective with the support of modern media? Pamphlets and information brochures to take home back the rational decision making process. Additionally parents should be addressed on an emotional level in order to create a positive tone among them. Again that has a positive effect on the children learning the language.

Regional Activities:
Information material for the parental participation and the presentation of parent-teacher conferences
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Information material for public relations (videoclips, video tapes /Northfrisians and Slovenians in Austria)
Development of a concept for information meetings for parents (Northfrisians) more >>>